Just in case you believe the US is No longer the leader of the free world

Its been nauseating to hear the nonsense coming from the Left wing media – “Angela Merkel is the new leader of the free world“, “The US is an embarrassment to the world“. In a word… NO.

Take a look at this chart comparing GDP:2017-08-07_13-39-58

Its called a Voronoi diagram. You can view the source here.  Or this diagram of military strength:


Germany is on a suicide mission. Not only for Germany or the EU. Immigration is the biggest issue facing Europe at this juncture. And this is not going to end well for them. It is the most divided issue, where whether or not this is good for Europe, a very large part of Europe disagrees, and will split the EU, which means only one thing, the EU is over. Recent elections in The Netherlands and France shows increasing support of less immigration. And there is talk about Poland is considering options for leaving the EU after facing a backlash for its immigration policy. Angela Merkel has wide support from her own people. The German government is widely suppressing information about the impact its mass immigration is having on the country’s social problems:

On the flip side consider these facts about the US:

  • The US stock markets are prospering on the idea that Donald Trumps populists policies are going to increase business activities by lowering taxes and relaxing regulations from the Obama era.
  • The jobs numbers are very encouraging for the US.
  • Small business activities are surging again because Obamacare is being dismantled.
  • Militarily, the US is no longer seen as a ‘pussy’ making threats it will not carry out. And the Trump’s administration’s polices and budgets are likely to strengthen the military.
  • New businesses and old failing ones are getting new life. Companies like Foxconn, Samsung and Toyota has just announced that i will open several plants especially in floundering ‘fly over’ states. Many of these plants are likely to illustrate to voters that Trump is delivering on those promises he made during the campaign, as he focuses on states he flipped. Voters will note this in 2018.

The US is still the leader in traditional Western Values, as other Western countries flounder with Hate Speech laws and disarming their populations. Canada recently passed Bill M-103 that was regarded as the Anti-Islamophobia bill. How in Jesus’ name could Islamophobia be a thing when Islam is the greatest hate ideology we have ever seen. Islamophobia before it was adopted by SJW’s in the west was coined by Sharia in Iran. Watch this video from Christopher Hitchens shot over 10 years ago ‘prophesying’ these truths that are coming to past – especially from the 5:38 mark. Anyone that doubts this is where Western Civilization is heading should realize that at the time it was doubted. The US is the last bastion of hope for Western Civilization and Values.



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