Google Seriously needs to face an Anti-trust tribunal.

If there is one thing the Trump Administration, can do to improve the internet it would be to do something about the monopolies it is creating. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and the worse offender is Google. There are many issues at stake here. In recent years social media giants have been censoring the voices of conservative commentators, banning them outright. Youtube recently sent out a memo to creators with the title “Commitment to fight Terror Content Online”, where it outline the problem of terrorism that then morphs into “… applying tougher treatment to videos that aren’t illegal but have been flagged by users as potential violations to our policies on hate speech…”. They are talking about conservative content creators who produce anti-terrorism videos on the Islamic link to terror. Make no mistake about it, Terror is an Islamic problem. Silencing people who illuminate these issues and make it relevant should be considered support for terrorism.  So, does Google support terrorism? We all know where the leaders of Silicon Valley stand on issues like Illegal Immigration, and Open Borders. Anti-terrorism videos certainly flies in the face of leaders like  Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg who want to normalize Islam in the west. Then there was the more recently internal memo by an engineer at Google about diversity being shoved down the throats of staffers, and it being shut down by Google’s management. It appears that Google is using its company and its influence on the Internet community in the same way Barack Obama was accused of using the IRS.

What we have here is a very large resourced company trying to use its influence to politics and social ideas by violating core principles of American values enshrined in the constitution. This company also has access to the largest repository of private data on citizens. It also consist of several companies that have NO competition. And is using this influence to distort the the framework where competition can exist. This is most likely the reason why Google has no competition. The Search Engine business, the online video business, the Advertising part of Google, Android. And these are all businesses that if were separated would most likely perform better as they would not have the ‘millstone’ around its neck of Upper management’s Social policy to implement. It would be focused on its own sphere and that would most likely lead to fair competition in the absence of those noncompetitive factors. During the 2016 elections, Google was involved in several questionable activities with search results favoring Hillary Clinton, although the left-wing media and Google has denied it,  there are several unanswered questions that point to culpability (there are lots of videos of actual examples). We also know that Google, Facebook and Twitter has colluded with liberal leaders all over the world in censoring the Internet. So Its time Mr Trump and Mr Sessions – Open and Anti Trust investigation. Even if Google isn’t indicted, it will shake up the censorship/free-speech problem in the liberal controlled media.


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