Trinidad and Tobago is a country with Progressive politics and traditional conservative societal norms, although the urban areas tend to be progressive in social norms as well. That means that SJW ideology have strong influence on governance. That includes feminism, especially feminism. At the University level Trinidad has a fairly high level of SJW culture for a developing country that tends to be more on the side of conservatism. Governments over the past few decades have been strong on social programs aimed at helping the underclasses. Any institutions invented by the political class gets injected with feminism – especially if it has to do with handouts or families. The weird thing is that third wave feminism probably the most anti family ideology and this is to be expected. Family and marriage was originally predicated on the need men had to  reliably pass his property and skills on to the next generation to give his genes the best chance of survival in the gene pool – you know, evolution. Two major Trinidad institutions with stated aims of being centered around family have been infiltrated by feminists and feminism – The Family Court and The Children’s Authority. Both have become vehicles of the Anti-father culture in Trinidad and Tobago. Antifatherism is the main cause of crime in Trinidad and Tobago. Since successful family outcomes are the biggest factor in preventing social dysfunction (teen pregnancies, gang violence, and father involvement are key to successful outcomes in families, anything that disrupt or prevent fathers from fathering are going to be causal factors in our crime problem.

To see Antifatherism at work please take a look at the disturbing video disturbing video posted by Rhondall Feeles – the president of Trinidad’s Single Father Association  who does a lot of good work in Trinidad and Tobago in bringing awareness to the issues fathers face in Trinidad and Tobago. In it a father (only identified as “Thomas”) who because of his circumstances have ended up to care for seven children after his wife of 25 years passed away after giving birth to their last child. This is a couple that was together over the entire period (yeah, I know good for him), where the wife did not have any traffic of different ‘baby fathers’. Faced with irregular employment opportunities and to care for a new born while seeing to the needs of his other six children, he approached the Social Services offices in Diego Martin Trinidad (?) where he was told to his face, that their policy is NOT to support fathers or men. He was told that if he had died instead they could help his children. Now we have not heard any rebuttals from the Social services ministry to official about what this policy is and this could be just an incompetent staff member (incompetent because feminists are smart enough hide their sexism and how to weave it into some other compassionate or empathetic mode like “we care about the kids”). So time will tell, hopefully this story will reach the gynocentric media because of the outrage it is likely to induce in anyone’s conscience. Here is what I’m concluding about this story – when feminists say that they care about the kids or families or any other social good – take note – They care only about women and benefit to women at ANY cost, no matter how large the cost is to society or others. And that’s why we need to rid society of the Cancer that is Feminism.


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