No Judge, Domestic Violence is not Gendered

Domestic Violence and Even rape is not a gendered issue.  Judge Carla Brown-Antoine and the rest of Trinidad and Tobago needs education. Society has no tolerance for any violence towards women and simply don’t care about violence and welfare towards men. The norm is that men must lay down their lives for women and the benefit of society, while women pretend they are equals. Take the recent case where the teenager sacrificed his life for a woman unknown to him – go and look at the comments – the pouring out of sympathy for this dead ‘white knight’ from women who believe and encourage young men to continue laying down their lives for them, even when we are talking about just a boy not yet an adult, even some mothers advocating for this waste of human life.

When it comes Domestic Violence women contribute more than their fair share. See this list of research – – almost 300 scholarly research papers that examine the non-trivial role women play in the intimate partner violence equation. A startling conclusion where  different types of non/hetero normative type relations, lesbians are found to have the highest incidents of intimate partner violence. Another very significant dynamic – “non-reciprocal violence” – where she hits and does not get hit back – women are said to commit 70% of such incidents. It is these types of incidents where one partner – the woman who believes that she has the right to hit and not pay a price that leads to the propaganda and lead to seriously one-sided systems in laws and the justice system that feminists organizations have been successful in lobbying to make into a cash cow for fund raising and public misinformation. If you think the misinformation being spread by feminist and traditional Domestic Violence shelters about the dynamics of men and women, wait until you understand that a similar if not more alarming situation arises with rape. Even before you consider the normalization of rape in male prisons (the only true instance of Rape Culture), according to the CDC men and women are assaulted and even raped (with men its called ‘made to penetrate’) at similar rates. But we cannot really dive into this extensive topic.

Getting back to the Judge – Carla Brown-Antoine, according to the Newsday’s first paragraphA HIGH COURT judge yesterday issued a stern warning to men who perpetrate domestic violence against their partners when the relationship ends — you will be punished for your crime.” It is not clear where that “stern warning to men came from – but if she made such a statement it would show that the judge has a prejudice against men which could be grounds to appeal any domestic violence case that she has ruled on.  I would suggest that the judiciary pay particular attention about bias in their judges and magistrates and give them training about how to resist the natural urge to be biased instead of trivia and riddles found online . Bias is a highly complex topic, and it is very likely Judiciary pays it no attention leaving a very high standard of proof when looking at bias. What we do have, if the science is correct is a situation where women domestic violence. We already know domestic violence is not tolerated by men. Its time to embrace equality as guaranteed by the constitution.,247112.html


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