Movie Pre – Release Comment – The Cutlass

Ok, they are just capitalizing on these emotive stories and doing a kind of half-ass job at it. First tell your DSLR ‘videographors’ to leave out the tech cliches. You know the time lapses and the drone shots – yea we know you have toys and an Amazon account. You have been parading this movie from what it looks like for about 5 years, and the video from the trailer is almost unwatchable – why is it so dark? I cannot see one f*&^. And this whole ‘everyone with a DLSR is a movie maker’ meme isn’t going to cut it. Movies are dying. Hollywood/TV is progressive propaganda, make sure you leave these out, people don’t like these moral stories preached from an ivory tower – like preaching about the environment and equality while you own 5 mansions (all with walls higher than Trump’s) and fly around the globe in private jets. And deservedly Hollywood is dying. Just tell the damned story! Even Hollywood is screwing up and only delivering lame PC content purely on technology and CG. At the end of the day I hope you don’t end up with something only promoted at desperate film festivals and private showings for family and friends. I hope the final product is not like the trailer. BTW that villain in the interview – the Indian guy with the ben-up teeth – he is funny as f&^k, I hope you capitalized on that. He looks like a natural – saying that “being a villain is hard” – but he done 50% there, without even reading the script – lol.



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