The Disposable Man

If you ever wanted evidence of the double standards of feminism and how women want their cake and eat it too – take a look at the Facebook thread for Today’s Guardian headline story “Death Drive”. A 17 year old young man dies after being run over after trying to part a lover’s quarrel at a bar in Trinidad. Clearly a case of this young man’s instincts kicking in to save the ‘Damsel in Distress’, never mind he was not an adult yet with his life ahead of him, he and his friends took on the unknown woman’s male companion who eventually took to using his vehicle to run him over, killing him.

Cases of White Knighting are common, even today  and its promoted from all angles. Although a vestige from our evolutionary behavior where female lives were valued significantly more than men because of the long time for them to bear children to replenish the tribe with males on the other hand being disposable as in battle to protect the tribe. So humans have been hardwired to protect women. Today feminism continues the idea that women must be guarded and protected regardless of any disparity of injustices men face by becoming ‘allies’ to their cause, because they know you just cant help yourself. But read through the comments on the Guardian Facebook page. The glorification of this teens death is just nauseating. Words like “Hero”, “Real Man” and exclusively by women, even one mother posting this:

We need more young men willing to stand up for something!!
One day, one of my sons came home from liming, told me I nearly had a funeral…. he had twice in one evening, had to stop a man abusing his pregnant girlfriend…. total strangers to my son. I said to him, ” if you had died, it would have been for a good cause”…. let’s all pray for the soul of this child

How can women pretend to be “empowered, and independent when they want little boys to lay down their lives for strange women? Feminism has to be the biggest hoax bestowed on mankind. Socialized nonsense will never trump biology and evolution. This is almost the same as the White Feather Campaign used by women in World War I, where women gave out white feathers to the men they wished to shame – men who stayed away from war, men who refused to risk their lives to protect the country. In return for your life and your sweat – you get to worship at their feet. Women’s Studies have created all kinds of myths and pseudo intellectual propaganda to destroy humanity like Patriarchy and Rape Culture, while you are expected to sacrifice your life. And you are not safe from your own mother.


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