The Fraud of Psychiatry Continues

Today’s Express carry’s the headline Professor Aims to Reduce Suicide in Central. We have been critical of Psychiatry in the past but this is a new level of deceit. This particular professor has often been headlined in the newspapers, touting the alarming statistics on Suicide in Trinidad & Tobago. But every article based on his utterances has the troubling statement “But women attempt it more“. This almost by itself is why the Suicide problem will not be solved by these jokers. Trinidad’s suicide problem is rooted in male suicide. Trinidad and Tobago now have a Male to Female suicide ratio of over 5:1. Most countries in the world average 2 to 2.5 Male : Female victims, and this divide is widening. We could have a similar problem as Guyana, currently topping the Number One spot for Male Suicide worldwide. Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago share similar culture and history. But this narrative of “But women attempt more” is not unique to Trinidadian perspective.  This like saying the key to solving breast cancer is targeting the men that get breast cancer (typically 1% of breast cancer victims are male). This has its roots in the feminized state of the mental health industry and the gynocentrism that has entered most professions. Truth be told there is no reliable way to tell who is and who is not “attempting suicide”. Who reports this? Who verifies these and ensures that they are measured in a standard way? There is no way. Its society’s way of telling men “you don’t matter“. And for people like Professor Hutchinson, he has no choice but to wag his tail and be a good boy in his feminists controlled sphere. Professor Hutchinson was criticized when he wrote into the Lancet calling for Paraquat to be banned as it is a popular method of suicide in Trinidad and Tobago and other countries.

This attempt to obscure from the real problem may be a causal link to suicide and  can be a reason why this problem will not be solved. The lack of recognition of what the problem is and ignoring the fact that suicide is largely a male issue is going to prevent you from finding a solution. If you are going to ignore men’s issues and pretend that every state allocation of resources must benefit women first even when its a male problem is problematic. Men have very different social issues to women. We don’t have space here to expand on this, but in a nutshell, Trinidad and Tobago have been ignoring male issues and spending a disproportional amount of resources on women’s issues for the past several decades. Although we don’t have the type of anti-male (actually we do, but that’s a long story) laws as maybe Canada and other developed countries, we have an increasing problem with children and especially boys growing up without nurturing male figures and women are encouraged to be single mothers and given more resources by the state through every possible subvention and institutional benefit. Even the recently established Children’s Authority has changed its focus from Children to “Women and Girls”. There is still no equality in the functioning of the Family Court where it is entirely run by women and feminist principles who are there “to do for you”. Even when the governments own figures show that it is mothers who predominantly cause the harm to children either directly to the male companions they bring into contact with their children.

But coming back to Psychiatry – will we ever hold them responsible? A few decades ago they provided the framework for bias and discrimination of the millions of homosexuals when they initially said homosexuality was a mental illness, and then a decade later that it was not – all with no scientific basis. It was Richard Spitzer who admitted after he resigned as head of the DSM committee that presided of this fraud that these were done purely for political reasons. Even today both Psychology and Psychiatry have accepted the unscientific Post-Modernist view that Gender is a Spectrum where ones feelings about your sex trumps your genetic/biological reality.  Ontario Canada just passed laws that allow the state to seize your parental rights if a child “identifies” as something other than what his biology dictates and you refuse to go down the Post-Modernist path of pseudoscience. And even go so far as to legitimize the administration of hormone replacement treatment in kids less than 10 yrs old that is associated with significantly higher rates of suicide and regret. As psychiatrists are doctors who are endowed with specific powers under the law – we must look carefully at the harm the psychiatric industry has caused and hold them responsible. And this is before we examine the unscientific DSM catalog of Disorders that have virtually NO basis in science. It’s time we held them responsible.




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