The Gun Control problem

The government have a choice about this – this is only one of the two biggest prohibition problems that are causal factors in Trinidad’s crime problem – The War on Drugs and Gun Control laws. Our choice in both these problems is causal in the Crime issue. The gun control process is really fueling this illegal business and only ensuring that those who don’t break the law are being prevented from reasonable access to guns. You have no control over these prohibited firearms coming into the nation illegally. If you place greater focus on scan you may slow down industry and the nation might have to pay a cost for the hit on trade. Furthermore, folks bringing in illegal firearms through the port understand how to subvert the measures, which means you will not be catching more of these criminals as far as you’d be slowing legitimate importers. It’s like all those measures you have in the fiscal industry – these new regulations which everybody has to fill out for banks and also insurance agencies. They don’t work. If you went out and got the speed of illegal money entering the system it’d be higher than previously those steps were executed. There’s a real need now for citizens to possess firearms. Even if the authorities were 100\% effective, they can’t stop an armed intruder breaking into your house to kill you. The authorities and well connected know this – all of them are armed. So too Would Be the very poor living from the crime-ridden communities in Trinidad – most of them are armed if they’re not involved with organized crime – that the authorities know this and they enter these places very carefully. So who’s getting screwed? Most analysis points to the conclusion that excessive Gun Control is related to elevated levels of gun violence. Criminals know that their own lives are going to be in danger should they enter a community or house where the homeowner has a gun and will target people they know are unarmed. I haven’t voted, but I will go out and vote for anyone who promises to repeal these archaic gun control laws that favor the wealthy, politicians as well as the offenders.


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