The Cause of Crime and Violence – Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago has some of the highest crime rates for serious crime and gang violence in the world. Much of these problems can be traced back to two major mistakes governments made politically – we adopted the Anti-father/ anti-family concepts  being experimented by the progressive movement back in the 1960’s in the US and the other is the full scale adoption of The War on Crime that Richard Nixon started in the 1970’s.

In the 1960’s, US Lyndon B Johnson pondered on what could entice Afro American voters to vote Democrat. The most effective tools he found was using welfare and targeted low income black communities telling mothers that If there was no father in the home, she would get a welfare check and the more kids she had the higher this check would be. At the same time Feminism and Gender Studies that is based on anti science Post Modernism was taking root at many Universities in the US. Together these two elements set the groundwork for the destruction of the African American communities and poorer United States with a system of welfare and government handouts that replaced fathers and provided the research that Fathers were just an after thought. Never mind the fact that the system of family and fatherhood was necessary for the success of human children for tens of thousands of years throughout civilization and the development of humanity. Over the years the culture of bashing fatherhood, increasing single mother homes and the end of the traditional family has wreaked havoc in almost every demographic or jurisdiction worldwide.

The same time Eric Williams was going from strength to strength of his party in Trinidad and Tobago and copied some of LBJ’s ideas focusing more and more on welfare as a means to political stronghold. This was so especially in the 1970’s when “money was no problem”.

Anti-father culture is an extensive problem at the Apex of the crime problem. Its like an octopus with many tentacles. You see it everyday in films and TV shows where fathers are degraded and shown as bumbling idiots. It plays out in the Family Court everyday right here in TT where women sharpen their knives ready to plant it into the backs of fathers and supported by the state. Recently, Judge apparently had a stern warning about Domestic Violence targeted just to men. We are proud when men and boys fail and proudly present it in headlines of the newspapers. It might not be able to fix or remedy because its too extensive and ingrained in society.

The other Element of Trinidad’s crime problem has to do with The War on Drugs. This is prohibition that has proven not to work time and time creates the framework for drug use, illegal money, illegal guns, gang culture and an enormous amount of death and destruction in this path over the past fifty years. Indirectly it destroys the system of justice in the country by clogging up the police and courts with a never ending string of matters that is associated with drug use, disabling the Judiciary from performing.

We will never solve any of these problems if we don’t recognize their causes OR we insist on band-aid solutions. Trinidad and Tobago is the author of its own misery.



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