The Children’s Authority

Two days ago the Express Newspapers published an editorial – Intervention needed at the Children’s Authority. Mostly about the death of a teenager and the CA’s prejudicing the investigation by saying in effect that the child was beyond help – “suggesting that the child had undergone such significant trauma that “despite consistent support and counselling [sic]” he remained troubled”.

We in Trinidad always like to put Band-Aids on broken appendages. Its not going to work. The Children’s Authority was still born and was doomed from day one. It was very obvious that it was going to be another government slush fund for feminists to gouge their fangs into. They had a commission headed by Diana Mahabir Wyatt – who has made very generalized disparaging remarks against fathers in general. Third wave feminism is one of the worse things to happen to the traditional family unit that has served society for tens of thousands of years as the best vehicle for raising successful families. Human children are one of the most difficult of all offspring in the animal kingdom in terms of resources and personal effort by parents. The feminist movement has made it very difficult for successful rearing of children over the past 50 years or so. And to put feminists in charge of the welfare of children is a paradox that is like giving the fox the keys to the hen-house.  You can visit the Children’s Authority’s website how they have merged their feminist agenda with the role of the Children’s Authority. We know from statistics all over the world that women play the major role in child abuse. Either directly or from the male company she keeps and have brought into contact with her children. Trinidad Feminist have recently objected the Prime Minister asking women to be more mindful of the male company they keep when they protested in the streets about a few rapes and murders of women – who by the way constitute about 10% of the murder victims in Trinidad.  The story is the same as everywhere – feminists want more resources allocated for their use.  The Children’s Authority even used the opportunity of International Women’s Day to canvas for more resources for child abusing mothers – I KID YOU NOT. Even their own statistics show that biological mothers directly contribute to 40% of their reported child abuse cases. BUT, we should forget that and give them more money because they need it to stop abusing children – yes that makes perfect sense to a feminist. The Single Fathers Association recently raised the issue of the Children’s Authority possibly attempting usurp fathers who have gained custody over ex wives in Family Court.

The solution is to shut down this white elephant. Its going to have the same effect of as the Family Court that has contributed to the reduced participation of fathers in bringing up their children all over the world and the rejection of marriage and family. The key to raising successful children is FATHERS. Mothers are important too – it is always better to have an extra pair of hands (and brains). But examining the data from several peer reviewed research papers and government data all over the world it is children who grow up  with a healthy relationship with his/her father are going to produce/contribute the most to society. We have denied this truth and shame into ignoring it by the feminists movement. But it was Barack Obama who had just a month with his father when he was eleven that possibly had the greatest impact on his outcome – and his father was black and his mother white.


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