Death at A Children’s Authority Safehouse


The Children’s Authority will never produce the results it promised the public and the public is all the more stupid to actually believe that a government partisan political organization could produce anything good. Just look at the Family Court – its over run by feminists – more than 95% of the people in positions at the Family Court are feminists, it is no wonder men don’t want to be fathers and the lack of fathers engaging in their children’s development keeps heading south. That is the reason for Trinidad and Tobago’s crime problem – The lack of engagement by fathers. You are daft if you think that something is wrong with Caribbean men that they have naturally developed an affinity for parental responsibility and Caribbean women are saints. Just go and look that the composition of the board of the Children’s Authority – its a infested with social justice hacks and people with political agenda. It always starts off with “will you just think about the children” and it ends up being about some misguided hack’s political agenda.

Not too long after the Children’s Authority mandate was defined they appointed – Diana Mahabir Wyatt to head up a task force to decide on a future for the Children’s authority. Soon after that it was about “women and girls”.  The feminists was there to hijack yet another state funded resource and drain it till it was dead. It was Diana Mahabir Wyatt who infamously said:

“Very rarely do you hear a child being killed or abused when the mother has custody. It’s usually when the father has them. “I don’t know how we can prevent the father from taking them? It is the court that orders custody. You can’t ask the court to be more careful. “If, over and over again, nothing happened to the children when the father had them, how can you tell that one day he would snap?

Apart from this demonstrably erroneous statement that can be shown false using government statistics in virtually every country – the irony here is that children are abused by their mothers and in single mother care more than any other demographic – and that includes when she brings her boyfriend in the home as was the case with 6 yr old Keyana who was murdered by her mothers lover while she cut off the Keyana’s biological father. So Trinidad and Tobago – you have earned this social dysfunction. Keep allowing feminism to destroy families and upping the crime problem.


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