It’s too Late, Caricom Security Agency

Francis Ford, chief of the Caricom Security Agency – you are on the right track but your idea is too simplistic. The Caribbean and especially Trinidad and Tobago has already lost this fight and you cannot reverse 50 years of trivializing men and the issues men face. Yes men are the ones who are victims in the Caribbean, regardless of what feminists and feminized men are telling you – those two groups know the importance of voting block of women. We now have a situation that has already been fully embedded socially, legally, institutionally and even culturally – we have systematically marginalized men and boys to the point where male to female suicide has one of the highest ratios in the world – FIVE TO ONE. Yet we still have feminists and their allies protesting the one or two rapes and murders of of women. We have destroyed the family in most of the poor neighborhoods by giving women the incentive not to choose their partners wisely and copying the welfare system that Lyndon B Johnson instituted in the sixties to get the black vote. We have copied the US with its War on Drugs that have not only put the financial incentives for gangs and illegal drugs but also totally cripple the justice system to the point of complete dysfunction. We have marginalized fathers by adopting the western system of Family Law and courts that enslave men and make marriage completely infeasible. And we have removed male role models from every sphere of children growing up – the home, school and even in the work place to some extent. So what do you expect? You think you can change this system that took more than half a century to cultivate with one simple statement? You have go to be kidding.


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