400 Primary and Secondary School Children on Suicide Watch

Well, Trinidad and Tobago, this is your doing. What do you expect when over the past several decades government policy driven by international progressive values and ideas – including feminism and the welfare state – you have successfully made hundreds of thousands of children fatherless. It was Barack Obama who said that the single biggest disaster facing the Afro American community was the lack of fathers who lived with their children. You have followed the US by creating welfare systems that told women if she had kids and there was no man in the home, she would be entitled to a welfare check. You implemented the Family Law values using international funding and you got help from Canada to set up one of the most significant pieces of machinery to keep fathers out of their children’s lives. You set up pseudoscientific fields at University  that promoted the idea that fathers a violent and men are rapists. We even have police officers going around with fake ideas telling us that incest between fathers and daughters is being normalized. We followed the US with The War on Drugs and created one of the most hateful and oppressive incarceration systems that guarantee that men will come out seasoned criminals. We even destroyed the education system and so it no longer catered for the needs of boys.  That brings us 360 degrees back to children. Children growing up no longer have access of the nurturing of their fathers. And this is feeding, NO ITS THE CAUSE of your crime problem. Its the cause of why the US is looking very closely at Trinidadians and deporting them back. Its why we are the largest exporter of terrorism in the Western Hemisphere. Take a bow, both the UNC and the PNM, put particularly the PNM. You created the welfare state – Eric Williams did. He followed Lyndon B Johnson who in the 60’s decided to start the welfare program that has the Afro American population voting Democratic – “I’ll have those ni%$#ers voting democrat for the next 200 years”.




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