More Bullshit from the banks

Tellers serve customers at the Wells Fargo & Co. bank in downtown Denver

Those BATT guys are batshit crazy.  All that baloney about security has nothing to do with TT and misrepresents the actual risk, as those banks are doing quite well in managing those risks. On the other hand TT banks have not really upgraded their services. You still cannot make instant transfers between banks. There is no operational clearing house. And the banks hold on to your deposits while in Transit making interest in your money when you make transfers. The ATMS have not improved in terms of services they offer. US ATMS can do almost anything – accept change, give you access to ALL your banking information, including scans of cheques. The same goes for online banking – they are not up to scratch. You can make deposits to US bank accounts by taking a photo of a cheque and it goes into your account almost immediately – from anywhere in the world. TT banks will tell you that they upgraded their systems and all they do is change the format of your bank account. Banking in TT is the same donkey cart business it was decades ago. There is nothing new – still 5 working days, still using only archaic wire transfers with high fees. There is NO way to avoid service charges on any account other than an ordinary savings account. Most banks give you an options to avoid service charges by maintaining a minimum balance. Credit cards are generally free in the US. All credit cards in TT have fees. Remember that those spread numbers are typically the difference between a NON SIGNIFICANT LOW NUMBER AND A HIGHER NUMBER. IN TT THE SPREAD IS BETWEEN 7% AND ZERO because that’s what you get for your deposit. Now look at the service you get in the bank – your typical wait could be hours because you cannot do most things via online or ATM banking so you face long lines. There are no lines in North American Banks. And did you see the BATT guy compare a very high rate in the past with possibly an artificially low subsidized rate for mortgages (the comparison with his parents) – but he forgot to mention that when his parents were paying 14% on a mortgage, they could get over 10% on a fixed deposit. My advice –  Close as many accounts as you can and invest in land or shares or Forex if you can. The banks are living high at your expense. All of these categories show that they are skirting the limit of the worse possible set of conditions. Low service, Low ATM/Online facilities, Low returns, High Interest on loans, High profit for shareholders. BUT none ridiculously outside the norms.



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