There is no Price Fixing with BATT

price fixing“There is no collusion” – they just happen to increase their prices only 3 times in 10 years (collectively). “Fees reflect the cost of the services” – they just take your money for free and loan it out so they can make billion dollar profits and leave you with the fees. Banks need reform – shutting down and making the BATT illegal is a step in the right direction. The wealthier people in Trinidad own businesses and real estate. The middle class leave their savings in the bank that fuel the economy – the Banks take it all. You cannot invest in the Stock market either – because that is rigged too. And Central Bank is part of the problem – stop any revolving door of people between regulatory and banking. And that BATT brought so called FATCA expert Denise Hintzke to tell you to adopt FATCA when we now know that FATCA is on its way to being repealed.


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