“Yes We can”

You are a con artist. And ““Yes We Can”” is an empty promise that the public is still waiting on – from what is probably going to be the one of the worse US presidents in recent history, and one that is likely to see one of biggest scandal – Watergate 2.0 is in the making. The Crime problem cannot be solved with empty ideas like a small group changing the world – unless you had some way to change the path we are on. But you dont. Honest reflection as to what has brought us to this juncture, which you have not articulated at all. Trinidad is oblivious to the root cause of the crime problem. For example the War on Drugs is one of the worse ideas we have ever had, that fuels gangs with illegal money and the source of most of the crime in Trinidad. It has cost Trillions of dollars and millions of deaths in the western hemisphere alone. The US spends more than 50B$ on the war on drugs alone. It has single handedly crippled our judiciary. Our current firearms laws and policies have ensured that only criminals and wealthy businessmen and politicians (and their children) have access to firearms. All the research shows that criminals target the unarmed and will hardly attack someone at random if they have a firearm. These are two tangible reasons for our crime problem. There are more factors that have to do with social policy and norms that have been implemented over the past few decades that directly contribute to crime. Some of these we copied wholesale from developed countries. YET, no crime expert in TT has ever talked out about these issues, because crime don’t really affect those individuals. But they will sanction useless activities like walking around the Savannah or making a big fete to stop crime preaching some empty idea because you want to sell books or make fame for yourself.


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