Trump puts halt on Skilled Visas.

trump halt visaThe H1B1 visa has been seriously abused under the Obama administration that gave corporate America free rein. Companies were laying off US citizens, bringing in immigrants under the system and forcing those laid off citizens to train those who were going to take their jobs. The damage that Obama did to US businesses with putting foreign interests first, dubious environmental regulations, high taxes, and untold red tape for business all but put the nail in the coffin for US businesses. To bring back many of the jobs and business is going to be very easy for Trump as he rolls back the Obama era of socialism and killing businesses. Additionally i Hope he socks it to the US tech industry and Silicon Valley who are law unto themselves, those large companies like Google and Facebook needs to be broken down to size. And there is NOTHING in the LOCAL media that as of two weeks ago FATCA is set to be abolished. Nothing in the Media, especially with those clowns sponsored by the Bankers Association who stated categorically “There is no likelihood that United States President Donald Trump’s administration would repeal the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)” – Denise Hintzke, global leader of the FATCA Initiative for auditing firm Deloitte & Touche LLP. Where are they now?? [crickets…]


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