Silicon Valley and biotech startups

Buzzfeed News investigated the science behind biotech startups? That settles the science part then. And you act like you don’t know the story behind Thersilicon valueanos. Silicon Valley quakes in its boots not to be called Sexist, Racist, Islamophobic, Misogynistic by the leftists that it worships. They probably thought that if they could make Elizabeth Holmes the next Steve Jobs, the progressive police thugs would leave them alone. Holmes probably realized that she could have milked that cow until she figured out how to make something work before the WSJ blew the lid off her scam. Maybe that’s the real problem – the damage that liberals have done to truth, academia, science and the media. We don’t know what is truth and science anymore. We have systematically destroyed most of our institutions of civilization so that Progressives can get their agenda. You want to make science and truth real again. Get those morons out of campuses and make Postmodernism a heresy .


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