More Garbage on Psychiatry

mental health3

PAHO is a part of the United Nations – a failed organization that reeks of wastage, corruption, and general uselessness. You cannot lump Mental health with physical health and spirituality. That’s bunk and not supported by science. Physical health is buttressed with hard science and objective testing and methods that can be proven as scientific. Mental health is not based on scientifically objective tests and etiology. Mental health disorders are reviewed behind closed doors every 10 years by a panel who is sworn to secrecy. From these sessions they fabricate new mental health disorders based on consensus, not on science. These are the same folks who created a pathology for homosexuality and then a few years later changed their minds causing the greatest stigma and discrimination to homosexuals. None of this was based on any scientific evidence. They made it all up. Today they are doing the same thing with Gender Dysphoria – normalizing that disorder because of politics. Psychiatrists are literally a crazy set of individuals. There is no scientific understanding for ANY mental health disorder. The causes and biology is unknown. There are NO objective tests for ANY mental illness, they are ALL subjective. Its not like Diabetes that can be objectively tested. And even more dangerous is that they are treating these unknown illnesses with some of the most dangerous drugs – that literally kill more people than ALL illegal drugs. They treat kids with some of the most dangerous drugs that cause many of them to commit suicide. In many of the cases these are just kids being kids (especially boys), because today we expect boys to act like girls and they are being treated like failed girls. They ignore the fact that there are no longer male role models in schools for boys, NOR in many of these kids homes are there fathers. Mothers work for most of the day, and give up caring for children from birth to strangers AND then they blame some imaginary mental illness like ADHD. And when it comes to depression – more than half of those treated with drugs don’t get any benefit. Many think that this is the placebo effect where the benefit is in the belief that it is working. You are off on the Suicide issue – Suicide primarily affects men by typically a ratio of 3:1 worldwide. BUT in Trinidad its more like 5:1. Men are very rational – they have real world problems – the loss of job, being falsely accused in court, loss of an important relationship with family , debt they cannot pay, a failed relationship they cannot reconcile they calculate that their lives are not worth living. These are problems than can be fixed without garbage psychiatry. BUT not with counseling from a stranger but with people who know what is going on. These problems must be fixed first at the family/friends level. Don’t look to solve real world problem with pseudo-science.




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