More Pseudo-science from the Medical Community

SO Mr Deyalsingh, in what course in Psychiatry or other areas of mental health expertise did you have to attend to learn than “Job loss can rock your life”. Are Trinidadians so utterly stupid that they need a fake profession to tell them that grass is green? Go back to your lab and tell us what is the cause of ADHD, or Bipolar disorder OR for that matter pick any of your hundreds of fake mental disorders in the latest DSM V and tell us the underlying science of those disorders and how exactly those dangerous drugs that you prescribe work – exactly what they are doing. Because while you and big pharma have no clue what those drugs actually do, we do know they cause serious side effects even the same side effects that you are trying to cure. For depression, the rate of success is said to be below 50%. Many believe that what you have with psychiatric drugs are just the placebo effect (in other words the drugs actually do nothing and the benefit is in your mind). You have stated elsewhere that drugs help with a “chemical imbalance” another known falsehood invented by psychiatry to sell drugs. No chemical imbalance theory has ever been proven. So take your pick, listen to a scam artiste selling poisons for billion dollar companies, making false theories about mental health since the beginning of their profession and causing the greatest amount of discrimination and bigotry (remember Homosexuality – they made it first into an illness without any science and then again into normalcy without any science) OR find the root cause of your problem and do something about it. The things you can do something about (lack of a job, loss of a family member etc, debt etc) and dont bother with mental illnesses of the brain because Science does not have any answers at this point in time.


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