Single Mothers and Managing money

Source – CNC3 –

Say what you want, Single mothers and our single mother culture are the source of crime and social dysfunction. This is a problem that goes back to the US in the 60’s and was created to get the black population to vote for the democratic party. Women were told, if there is no man in the house, you will get welfare. Feminism soon took over and did the rest to finish what was left of a family model that humans have used for tens of thousands of years telling women that doing what she wanted with her body and sexuality was the ultimate symbol of empowerment. Simultaneously Family Courts and No Fault divorce gave men little incentive to remain committed to one partner or any form of commitment. These are the sources of your crime problem and societal dysfunction. Single mothers perpetuate the greatest amount of child abuse either directly or by all the traffic she is likely to expose her children to. In every community where there are high single mother populations, they are associated with the highest levels of youth substance abuse, child sexual abuse, runaways, depression, gang membership, low education attainment, drug and substance abuse, violent crime etc. Dont glorify this form of dysfunction. To those who support this, How is that crime problem, gang problem, murder rape working out for ya?


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